Making an Excellent Quality Shipping Container

If you are looking for shipping containers for hire in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, there are a multitude of companies that offer to hire and sell these corrugated metal boxes. They are a convenient and easy way to ship a wide variety of different types of cargo due to their rugged and versatile nature. Just about everything that you can think of can be, and is transported in, shipping containers.

  • Cars
  • Food and Perishable Goods
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Clothes

As well as being used to transport different styles of cargo, they can also be used for accommodation, site offices, ablution blocks, workshops, and many more different configurations. But have you ever wondered how these metal boxes are made?

Quality Shipping Container

The Different Designs of Shipping Containers

They may all look similar, but shipping containers come in a wide variety of different sizes and designs. The first thing that needs to be decided is the type of a shipping container that is going to be built. Usually, the shipping containers are the same width and height, with the length varying, depending on the type and configuration of the shipping container. The only exception to this would be the high-cube shipping container, which is taller than the average container. Because of the universal dimensions for a shipping container, they can be loaded and transported by any vessel or vehicle in the world. This allows you to ship your cargo to any location that it is required in the world with ease. Some of the different configurations that are available are as follows:

General Purpose Container Refrigerated Container Insulated Container
Dangerous Goods Container Explosive Magazines Accommodation Container
Lunch Room Container Open Top Container Side Opening Container


The best shipping container for you to hire or buy is all going to depend on what your cargo is, and you can also get shipping containers modified to suit your exact requirements. Shipping containers tend to vary in size from 10 feet to 40 feet in length, so you will be to choose the size of the shipping container which is going to be most suitable to your needs.

The Making of a Shipping Container

There is a reason that the shipping containers are made from corrugated metal rather than have smooth flat walls, and the reason for this is its strength. The solid steel frame is assembled and welded together, and then the corrugated metal sheets are then attached to all sides for the frame, completing the solid rectangle appearance. A solid wooden floor is added as well as any shelving or any other internal configurations that are required.

Inside the shipping container, you will find located in strategic places throughout, bullrings which are used as points to tie the load down securely. This will mean that the cargo is not going to move when it is being shipped about, preventing damage, as well as accidents. The doors and ventilation will also be added, making sure that there are watertight seals to prevent the cargo from being exposed to the elements. The entire metal surface of the shipping container will be treated with anti-corrosion paint, to prevent the metal from corroding. This is something which will need to be regularly done on a container, especially if travelling at sea a lot, as salt water is so corrosive.

Then the last thing which is to be done is to paint the identifying marks on the shipping container so that it is easily identified. Now the shipping container is ready to be put to use, and be hired or sold to whoever requires it. Just another one of the many millions of shipping containers that is out there!