Is It Time to Make the Switch to an Electric Car?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer talked about as if they’re a part of science fiction. They’ve become viable options for many shoppers in the market for a new car. Whether you can make the switch now, though, depends on aspects like where you live and your annual mileage. Here’s the clear advantages and disadvantages so you can make a clear decision.

The Advantages

Eco-friendly: There’s no doubt that EVs are better for the environment compared to petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. People are now more dependent on their car than ever before, with many families owning more than one. While the ideal solution would be using green public transportation systems or to encourage cycling, replacing our petrol and diesel-based vehicles with EVs is the next best thing.

Electric Car

Value for money: Many potential buyers are reluctant to make the switch to EVs as they are typically more expensive than their standard equivalents. Many governments, though, including the US and parts of the EU, offer monetary incentives in the form of tax credits to reward those who made the move and encourage those who haven’t yet. In the United States, the government currently offers $7,500 in federal tax credits with the purchase of a new EV for personal use. Similarly, in France, the minster of energy recently launched a campaign offering €10,000 to those who switched from diesel vehicles which were over thirteen years old to an EV.

The Disadvantages

Limited range: Unfortunately, there’s no getting away from it right now. While studies show that the average electric car can in fact cover the typical American’s daily commute, you’ll have to make other plans when it comes to longer journeys Thankfully, you could meet in the middle and get a hybrid car or any such vehicle that combines a lithium-ion battery with a traditional internal combustion engine. Before the battery is depleted, the internal combustion engine kicks in and you can continue traveling without interruption.

Recharging: While electric fuelling stations and outlets are becoming a lot more common, a lot of it is dependent on where you currently live. While drivers in California have the pick of several thousand charging options, EV owners further another, in areas like Montana and Idaho will have a lot less options. However, it is better to know the number of charging outlets in your area before you decide to buy an electric car.

Lay out the pros and cons of the situation and see how it matches your unique situation. It’s important to remember that EVs aren’t quite the black or white question you may have been led to believe. Did something in particular convince you to make the switch? Let us know in the comments below.