Ensure Less Fuel Consumption with Eco Friendly Driving Tips

The eco-friendly driving tips help to make the world a better place to live in by keeping it greener. There are certain points which when kept in mind ensure a safer and better driving along with a reduced use of fuel. It just requires a little thinking.

Reduce loading

Most of the people are in the habit of loading unnecessary objects into the car. This however does not include the safety equipment, water bottles and first aid kits or spare tyres. It is important to understand the difference between things that are needed and those that are useless. Loading up the car unnecessarily eats up more fuel than usual and so it is important to keep a check on the loading. The roof rack can sometimes be seen loaded up with objects that are not required to be used while in the car. This adds to the load and consumes fuel in greater quantity.

Follow road friendly driving

The engine should not be sped up all of a sudden. Instead the speed can be increased slowly. The process should be kept the same when applying brakes. Instead of applying sudden brakes, the process should be slow and peaceful. This not only saves the chances of the brakes failing but also saves fuel. When not in traffic, idling should be avoided. Eco-friendly driving would ensure driving the vehicle slowly or at an optimum speed. The air conditioners should be switched off when not in use because they consume a lot of fuel.

Eco Friendly Driving Tips

Proper maintenance of car

A routine maintenance check is very important. A well maintained car will consume less fuel than a car that is not having regular maintenance schedule. The tyres should be checked and kept in their optimum inflated condition because the consumption of fuel decreases by four to five percent for properly inflated tyres.

Check the oil

Using the right kind of oil is important to ensure less fuel consumption. The recommendations by the manufacturer should not be neglected as it can harm your car. If it is possible, it is better to switch to environmentally friendly or synthetic motor oil for the engine. This will increase the gas mileage keeping the engine running great and also ensure an eco-friendly driving.


Going for carpooling is not just profitable for the car owner but also for the environment. The travel costs can be reduced by carpooling. This will also effectively decrease the cars on road, reducing the traffic to a great extent and improves the parking conditions.

Do not exhaust your car

The exhaust system in the car has been designed so that it can reduce emissions. The wearing out of components of the system can affect not just the emissions but also the fuel consumption. It is therefore important to check the exhausts and the emissions regularly.