Top 10 Electric Bikes to Consider

An electric bike is an alternative and eco friendly mode of transportation that is convenient and costs just a fraction of the fully motorized motorcycle. They offer perfect mode of transportation particularly for those looking to enjoy benefits of a bicycle while appreciating the advantages of a fully rechargeable motor.

What actually is an electric bike?

An electric bike is just like any other bicycle but it comes with a small electric motor to power the wheels completely on its own. The electric motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for a variable amount of time depending upon the use, type of battery and quality of the battery. Whether you are looking for power or just want style and convenience, they have it all to offer you.

Electric bike is not a new invention but still they are new to large number of people. With everyone looking for ways to go green, e-bike is a trend that is on the rise. Here are the 10 most popular electric bikes to go for.

1. HCF 737 Pacelite

HCF 737 Pacelite

It is one of the long lived and well built electric bike that power up quickly from a full stop and can even take on hills without any hesitation. It offers speed, power, performance and reliability. Both beginners and experienced riders can buy this e-bike.

2. GoPed ESR750 EX

GoPed ESR750 EX

This e-bike is equipped with large acid lead batteries to deliver an unmatched performance along with power and reliability.

3. Ego Cycle 2 LX

Ego Cycle 2 LX

An e-bike particularly designed for daily commuters and errand runners that wish to drive in moderate to heavy traffic.

4. EVT America Z-20

EVT America Z-20

Powered by 60 volt 2500-watt brushless hub motor, this e-bike is made to run at 40-50 miles per hour. It offers superb comfort along with great efficiency.

5. Vectrix Maxi

Vectrix Maxi

It comes with nickel metal hydride battery. Believe me or not but this vehicle is virtually silent and highly efficient with a unique and patented regenerative energy braking system.

6. Forsen Hummer

Forsen Hummer

A compact e-bike that is made to fit 2 riders. It is perfect for adults looking for reliable short to medium transportation that is not limited by high altitudes.

7. Izip Fusion NuVinci CVP

Izip Fusion NuVinci CVP

It comes with Currie Electro-Drive system and cutting edge CVP technology to provide unmatching efficiency, performance and ability to handle high altitudes and weights without stalling.

8. Numo Cruiser

Numo Cruiser

Designed particularly for the needs and style of commuters and electric enthusiasts, this has turned to be a new generation personal electric vehicle.

9. Zapino Electric Scooter

Zapino Electric Scooter

This is a powerful, economical and eco-friendly bike that is perfect for city commuting. It is practically silent and made to offer a fun and enjoyable ride.

10. Motorino XPi

Motorino XPi

This e-bike has a unique motor built with oversized rare earth magnets. In short, it is a next generation bicycle with high torque and efficiency.

E-bikes offer convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. They are not only known for their benefits including saving fuel and quick recharging, they are also gaining on their speed and looks as they are gaining their popularity.