Benefits of Electric Car Conversion

Electric cars are not only a good choice for reducing global warming emissions but also for saving money on fuel when compared to most of the conventional gasoline-powered cars. Most of us look for performance, design and luxury in our automobiles but often forget about the lower emissions that are much better for the environment. However, today’s new breed of electric cars is faster and smarter and also comes with good battery life and charging time to run miles at a stretch. Listed here are some of the benefits of electric car conversion.

Saves money

Drivers of EVs save a lot of money every time they “refuel” their vehicle compared to refueling gasoline powered vehicles. The rising prices of gas mean that the average savings are much higher. As electricity is a domestic resource, most of the EV owners can access cheaper electricity during the nights – the time when they are most likely to charge their vehicles.

Electric Car Conversion

Gives extended range

The plug-in hybrids especially are a better choice as they give reasonable day driving which means that the EV owners can cut the gas entirely. However, by having a gas engine on board you can still have the extended range that a conventional gas engine gives you.

Good payback time

Electric cars take less than two and a half years to payback including the tax credit while a gas car will take an average of six and a half years for the same without the tax credit. EVs also help in building a greener society by reducing the carbon emissions and also are perfect alternatives during rising gas prices. Electric cars also big bucks on insurance and vehicle repair.

Easy to adapt

You can also easily convert almost any gas-powered car into electric car. Besides being fun to drive, electric cars reduce the intake of carcinogens and save you much time as you no longer have to wait in long queues to get emission tests done on your vehicle. Another advantage of electric car conversion is that you get all safety features and the amenities of the vehicle that you already know so well. The electric motors will also last much longer than the gas motors and in that they give hundreds and thousands of extra miles.

Better insurance plans

Electric car insurance policy is as necessary as for any other type of car and there are many companies that offer modified car insurance policies that will save you huge amounts on your car insurance plans. Most of these companies understand much better as to what kind of insurance is needed for the electric cars. However, you have to mention all the modifications and the specifications to get the perfect quote.