7 Eco-friendly Cars That Are Good for the Environment

Read on to know more about the best environmentally friendly cars that are available today. These eco-friendly cars can save you a lot of money with less CO2 emissions and are also perfect for any kind of journeys.  The best thing about these green cars is that they are available at affordable prices to suit everyone and are also manufactured by top brands in the field. So you’re ready to put that old clunker in the driveway out to pasture — maybe selling or junking your old car isn’t the best answer. Beautify your environment by ridding it of that old unwanted car or automobile. There are many ways to protect and improve the environment through recycling or donating your old car.

With the increase in pollution and environmental effects it has become important to use eco-friendly cars. There are many cars developed by some famous brands that are good in performance and don’t harm the environment. Conservation of energy is the need of the hour and it has become very important to have a check on the amount of pollution generated by the cars. Some of the cars that are eco-friendly are:

1. Honda Insight EX

The Honda Insight is great when it comes to style and does not compromise on performance too. Its engine delivers good gas mileage and generates 98-horsepower. This car is great for people looking for eco-friendly cars that are good in performance too as it offers good fuel efficiency without compromising on the looks.

Honda Insight EX

2. VW Passat TDI

The Volkswagen Passat has great fuel efficiency and has the capacity to deliver a fuel economy that is 30% better than its competitors. It helps reducing the fuel consumption that in turn will help in saving the oil. This makes it a very affordable car that is high in both performance and quality. The car is also very spacious with well-designed interiors.

VW Passat TDI

3. Honda Civic Natural Gas

This car was declared to be the green car of the year in 2012 by Green Car Journal. It is one of the best in its range and has a very good mileage. One can expect to save huge money through the smooth ride and efficient fuel economy of Honda Civic. The company is also offering a $3000 Fuel Card to the customers buying a 2012 Civic Natural Gas.

2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas

4. Toyota Prius v

Most of the people who own the Prius agree that it is very reliable when it comes to fuel economy and there is very less wastage of oil. It has an impressive mileage, low transmission and a very stylish look. People looking for eco-friendly cars should really try out the Prius V as it does not compromise on the performance front.

Toyota Prius v

5. Ford Fusion Hybrid

This is considered to the best hybrids available in the market. It saves huge amount on fuel i.e. 700 miles per tank of fuel. The other features include its riding comfort, excellent interiors and exteriors, and efficiency. It surely gives its competitors good competition.

2013 Ford Fusion

6. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

This futuristic vehicle launched by Mitsubishi runs on electricity and has been rated to be the most energy efficient car in America. The lithium ion batteries used in the car give it a spunky performance and generate more than 66-horsepower. The car is priced $30,000 but the performance and styling give the value for money to the buyers.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV production version

7. Smart Fortwo

This car has gained huge recognition in recent times due to the alternative source of energy it uses. It is light weight and one of the best when it comes to styling. It is unique in its own and does not waste any energy.

Smart Fortwo