Social Media Ecosystem Along with Its Positive Aspects

Nowadays, it is hard to think of the web without Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. However, even a few years back search engines and portals were the main constituents of the web and people were totally unaware of these social platforms. But, presently it is users who are controlling the web. The shift of the market from a model comprising click-based management to fan-based management system is the main reason behind such change. Clicks no longer seem to work as the latest craze these days are fans. Every piece of information can be shared, followed and even pined. The social media ecosystem is basically a model where users are involved in interactions and conversations on different social platforms like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

The interactions and conversations happen through different devices including sophisticated usages like networking, sharing, publishing, playing, buying and localization. The inception of sharing platforms and user generated contents are the popular choice in the web these days. However, one thing which needs to be kept in mind is the fact that not all social platforms are same. Within the last seven years or so social domination has occurred generally in three waves. Publishing wave (blogs), sharing wave (Twitter and Facebook) and curating wave (Pinterest, Quora, etc) are the three waves. The reason for such a shift in behaviour is mainly because of the fact that content amount has increased to a great extent. Finding value-added content is precious and presently users are in curating wave.

Social Media Ecosystem

The expectation of the user has also increased and the increasing use of social media has led to the sophistication of their needs. This is also one of the reasons as to why every now and then the ‘Facebook’ comes updated. Even though there is no universally accepted definition of social media ecosystem but it can certainly help to understand the different aspects of social media. It is not only important for businesses but even for individuals to understand how things work and relate with each other. Every now and then new services are being developed and if there is a model it becomes quite easy to understand where they can be incorporated within a particular business so as to make the most of its potential.

The most important thing for any business is to come up with consistent social architecture. The social media ecosystem can prove to be a model for businesses where they will be able to come up with the right moves depending on the changes in the trend. The inception of social media has offered businesses with several opportunities where they can easily reach their customers without the need to spend huge amount of time or money.

With the evolvement of social media, marketing strategies for companies have also changed. Acknowledgement and interaction from brands is what people seek these days and social media has helped a lot in this aspect. Customers now have the independence to make the best choice quite conveniently, thanks to the development of social media ecosystem.