Control Your LED Bulbs with Your Smart Phone

Electrical and electronic companies have developed technology that allows users you to control your LED bulbs with your smart phone.

There used to be time when regulating the brightness or color of light seemed unrealistic and fiction that was shown only in movies. Such remote control for lamps was too expensive for regular use. Like much of the lifestyle of city dwellers has changed with the innovation of smart phones, so the perception of remote-controllable lamps is going to change and will allow you to control your LED bulbs with your smart phone. GreenWave Reality, Insteon and Philips are the companies that lead in this innovation at present.

Although both GreenWave and Insteon facilitate remote control for lamps, Hue from Philips stands out among the rest. The fact that these lamps can be dimmed or brightened without leaving one’s position is quite an encouraging advantage. However, Philips has taken the quest to another level. Philips does not only allow dimming or brightening but facilitates change of shades of color too.

With Hue, one can light interiors like a discotheque, sunset, etc. Thus, the brightness as well as the shade of light can be adjusted according to requirement or mood. People can click beautiful pictures of interiors while they change the shade of light. However, it is not only about luxury of colors and shades and Hue also offers regular white light too. Besides, it is 80% more efficient than an equivalent regular incandescent bulb. However, Philips does not offer data analysis or energy management facilities with launch versions. It is quite expensive at present, which is expectable.

Control Your LED Bulbs with Your Smart Phone

Hue comes along with a bridge that has to be connected to wireless router with the help of Ethernet cable. The second task is to download the hue application and follow its instructions. That is all that is required to set up the network and control your LED bulbs with your smart phone. In addition to that, Hue can be controlled from locations that are outside the Wi-Fi. is an online portal that can be accessed through desktop or mobile application to control Hue light from outside the Wi-Fi network.

The mobile application is intuitive enough to let users get started with basic functions. Advanced functions such as edition of a pre-installed scene are not tough either. However, they may not be obvious to everyone. There are 17 pre-installed scenes available with Hue but users can create up to 90 scenes of their own. Each scene can have its specification.

Although the innovation is great, there are technical glitches in its function. However, the positivity of this innovation overcomes some of these small glitches. Philips has suggested progressive plans for its Hue. It may be integrated to entertainment systems too but as of now it provides a great solution to control your LED bulbs with your smart phone.