Concerns in Global Health Awareness

The world we live in is becoming smaller every day. Technology and innovations have made it so people can travel almost anywhere and explore parts of the world and beyond that were once just a dream. However, despite how wonderfully it is to expand personal horizons, this global expansion is presenting issues that put everyone in jeopardy. Specifically, there are major concerns in healthcare due to globalization.

Global Health

Global health is the idea of managing issues that affect all parts of the world in order to protect everyone. What occurs in one nation, even if it is half a world away from where you live, could impact you. Someone in your area could travel there, become infected and bring a disease back to your area where it could then affect you. By understanding global health issues, your country is better able to protect you from any threat they could pose at home.

Reemergence of Disease

One of the top concerns when it comes to global health issues is the reemergence of diseases that have been eradicated. In the U.S., for example, people are no longer vaccinated against smallpox. If smallpox was to experience a flare up in another country, the U.S. would need to be aware of it. This would enable the country to gather the needed vaccines and medications needed to treat smallpox should it appear in the U.S. Only through quick treatment would the disease be able to be stopped and epidemic prevented.

Concerns in Global Health Awareness

It is only through global health awareness that things like this can be done. If one country has no idea what is going on in the world around it, it exposes its people to harm. If something happens, the country is unable to defend its people and treat the illness.

New Diseases

Another area of concern is the development of new diseases. This was seen with the AIDS virus and more recently with the Zika virus. USC outlines some of the concerns that arose over Zika. This virus was very harmful to pregnant woman, very easily spread, and difficult to prevent. Many countries started working hard to fight the disease and help other countries fight it to prevent massive outbreaks.

The Growth of Global Health

It is in every country’s best interest to work towards a global health viewpoint as explained by the University of Cincinatti. Being able to look at  healthcare from a global perspective benefits everyone and all the people of the world. More advanced countries are able to help out those less advanced countries. Countries can work together to find solutions to some of the biggest health concerns. It is a case of two heads are better than one because the more people you have working on something, the better results you can get.

While the world is no longer as segregated as it once was, this has brought about new concerns in the area of health and wellness. Diseases are springing up that require fast work to keep people protected. Ideas need to be shared. Information needs to be spread. It is only through a global health outlook that countries can really keep their people safe from major health threats.