Reusable Items and Their Usefulness

There are many unwanted items at homes and offices that are disposed of without being utilized fully. These reusable items can be trash for one person and at the same time treasure for others. People can even find many charitable organizations that accept unwanted reusable products like toys, clothing, children’s items, kitchenware, furniture, sports equipment, work appliances, etc. These days, some of the organizations even accept fixtures, construction materials, and also business equipment that can be used for redistribution purpose. So before throwing the items away people should check whether they are reusable or not. Listed here are some of the most common reusable items.

Carrier bags

The carrier bags can last long and they can be easily reused as bin bags or can be also used while shopping. Generally people tend to throw away these carrier bags after using them once but they can easily put them to different uses.


Instead of wasting paper after using the envelope just once people should stick labels over the address area and reuse them. Old envelopes can also be used in the form of scrap paper for making notes.


Pots and Jars

By cleaning the pots and jars effectively people can use them in the form of small containers and store different things in the house. Bubble wrap, cardboard and newspaper also act as good packing material when people want to store different items in their homes.

Old clothes

Some old clothes can also be used as textile items in the house like cushion covers.

Scrap paper

The scrap paper is mostly used for making sketches and notes. Recycling paper is the best thing one can do to protect the environment.

Egg cartons and foils

The packaging stuff like egg cartons and foils can be reused in nurseries and schools in art projects.


People can give their old tyres to some petrol station and leave them for recycling purpose. One can also use it as a tyre swing. To make a tyre swing people need to attach a rope to the tyre and then attach the other end of the rope to the tree.

Used wood

The woods that have been used but are still in good condition can be used for making bird tables or spice racks. One can also use them as firewood.

Electrical equipment

Used electrical equipment can be donated to places like schools or other communities so that they can be reused effectively.

Donating clothes and books

Books and clothes that are no more required in home should be donated to people who require them. This is the best way of using the reusable items.