Refurbished Products and Their Various Aspects

People are always in search of offers and great bargains irrespective of the product category. Refurbished products that are generally offered in various deals and offers turn out to be better than the new products. The main reason behind it is that most of these products undergo extensive testing before they are introduced in the market. Let us have a look at what actually qualifies as a refurbished product.

Refurbishing furniture

Customer-returned products

Most retailers offer a thirty day return policy on the products sold by them and there might be many customers who return the products within that period for various reasons. If indeed there are some problems with the products, they get inspected, corrected and repackaged as refurbished products.

Dent or cosmetic scratch

Due to different reasons, product may have dent, scratch or cosmetic damage which can affect the newness. At that time there are 2 options available: either to sell the product with its visible cosmetic damage or fix it by placing it inside new casing or cabinet. Both the ways, it will be a refurbished product.

Shipping damage

Products can get damaged while shipping because of the elements, mishandling and various other factors. Even if the product is intact there is an option available to retailers for returning damaged boxes. The products are inspected and repackaged for sale once again. But as they are returned, instead of getting labeled as new products, they are labeled as refurbished products.

Demonstration units

Old demos available at retail stores are sometimes taken back by manufacturers which gets inspected and repaired and then sold as refurbished products. This is applicable for demo units for internal office use, or product reviewer’s return and are available at trade shows.


When a new model is introduced by a manufacturer, remaining stock of older models are collected by the manufacturer and redistributed among specific retailers for selling. In most of the cases, the items get labeled as refurbished.

Opened box

There are times when customers open up a product box just to see the additional components that come with it. If they are not satisfied, they decide against buying. As the box gets opened, it is sent back to manufacturer for repackaging. These products are also considered as refurbished.

Questions to be asked before buying refurbished products

  • Does it come with a warranty?
  • Whether authorization for selling new products is available to the retailer selling refurbished items.
  • Is there an exchange or return policy offered by the retailer on the refurbished product? Legitimate resellers always take stand to support their products irrespective of whether they are refurbished or old.
  • Is there any extended plan available with the refurbished item? If it is there, purchasing of extended warranty will not be required.

Therefore, considering all the above facts, buying refurbished products is not at all a bad decision.