Understanding the Power of Three R’s: Reduce Reuse Recycle

The three R’s – Reduce Reuse Recycle are helpful in cutting down the quantity of waste materials that people throw away. They conserve energy, landfill space and natural resources. In addition, these are also helpful in saving money and land needed to dispose of wastes in landfills. Disposable goods cost more and create a problem of throwing them away. Today, creating a new landfill is quite expensive and difficult due to public opposition and environmental regulations. Everyone can help to save energy, money and natural resources by following the three R’s. So, this seems to be a profitable deal as far as the environment is concerned.

Reduce reuse recycleUnwinding the first step of the reduce reuse recycle trilogy

You can manage the waste by not producing it. You can achieve this by keeping some guidelines in your mind. Buy products in bulk because larger, economy size products use less packaging. Avoid disposable goods such as lighters, razors, napkins, cups, plates, papers. Avoid over packaged goods having different materials such as plastic, foil and paper because they are difficult to recycle and you have to pay more for the package. Use cloth towel instead of paper towel. Try to make two-sided copies if possible, at your work. Buy durable goods because they will last longer and save landfill space. Maintain one file instead of using several files.

The functioning of the reduce reuse recycle series is indeed beneficial

Reuse products i.e. save plastic and paper bags and repair broken furniture, toys and appliances. Bring your own cloth bags to the store or reuse grocery bags. Avoid taking a bag from the store unless and until you need one. Use a ceramic mug instead of paper mug and use reasonable containers instead of plastic wraps. Either sell old toys, furniture and clothes in garage sales or donate them to charity. Use different methods to reuse products i.e. use plastic microwave trays as picnic dishes or use coffee can to pack lunch. These things can help reduce the waste generated and reuse the products that are feasible to undergo various stages of reuse.

Recycling involves a series of steps which include taking a used product, processing, manufacturing and selling it as a new product. Start recycling at work and at home. Buy products made from the materials that can be collected for recycling in your area. Use recycled paper for the newsletter, copier paper and letterhead. Prefer to buy products that help cut down on waste like the products that are not over packaged or recycled products. Purchase products made from recycled materials after seeing the recycling symbol. This symbol indicates two things – either the product can be recycled or it is made of recycled material.

Many plastic containers contain a symbol with a numbered code which tells which type of plastic resin has been used in it. Check curbside pickup and collection centers to see what type of material they accept and start collecting those materials which may include plastic, glass, paper products, newspaper, metal cans and many more. Try to purchase recycling materials for office equipments. So, the reduce reuse recycle trilogy can be a great advantage for the environment and it can also be a thoughtful step towards the betterment and assured future benefit for the progeny. This concept is however useless unless adopted socially. So, get started and make your contribution.