Recycling Facts That Can Help Bring the Renaissance of Greenery

The process of manufacturing new products from a product that has initially served its purpose is known as recycling. The process of recycling can be set into motion if the used products are disposed in a proper environmental friendly way. Recycling changes waste materials into valuable resources. Collecting used cans, bottles and newspaper and taking them to a collection facility is the first step that generates environmental, financial and social returns. Items made of plastic water bottles, aluminum, paper and some other material can be separated from your regular garbage and put them in a proper recycling bin so that the process can be made easy through segregation.

Some basic recycling facts can be of great advantage to overcome environmental pollution

Recycling is one of the most successful methods of environmental conservation and many people are participating in this process in different ways. Recyclable products like plastic, paper, glass are collected and then transported to the suitable places for converting them into other products. This helps in conserving the resources for future because if the present generation uses the recycled products then the natural resources will be available for the generations to come. The most important advantage is that it prevents the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases affect the Ozone Layer and decrease its ability of blocking the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.

basic recycling facts

The emission of such gases can be controlled with recycling and thereby pollution will be reduced. Recycling facts can also help in conserving many energy resources like coal deposits and petroleum. Usually raw materials needed to manufacture a product can be obtained from natural resources but in case of recycling no new raw material is needed. In the recycling process, abundant labor, transportation and assembling is involved which provides job opportunities to many people. In short you can say that recycling helps in increasing an eco friendly environment. It is an effective and healthy solution to promote healthy living and reduce pollution.

Did you know about the pollution statistics? Recycling facts say it all

Approximately 900, 000, 000 trees are cut down every year to get raw materials for paper and pulp. Americans throw away approximately 28 billion jars and bottles every year. Americans produce approximately 200 million tons of trash every year which is sufficient to fill Bush Stadium twice a day. An American family consumes 29 gallons of juices, 182 gallons of soda, 26 gallons of bottled water and 104 gallons of milk a year. It means that a lot of containers can be recycled. Plastic garbage thrown into Oceans kill approximately 1, 000, 000 sea creatures in one year. Recycling facts can bring about a great change.

By recycling one ton of paper; 17 trees, two barrels of oil and 4,100 kilowatts of energy can be saved. These saved trees can absorb 250 pounds of Carbon dioxide in one year. By recycling all newspapers, 250 million trees can be saved in one year. The aluminum thrown away by the Americans can rebuild the entire commercial fleet of airplanes in every three months. A tree can produce 700 grocery bags in a very long period of about 15 years. The amount of paper and wood thrown by North Americans every year is sufficient to heat 50, 000, 000 homes for twenty years.