Mobile Phone Recycling

Every few months there is some company shouting out the advertisements of its upcoming mobile brand and highlighting its latest features. An average consumer is sure to fall for the latest one and leave his old cell phone behind. Many among us do that. But then, what happens to our old handset if we simply dump it in our garbage? It ends up in a landfill site. Over a period of time, the components in it- mercury, chromium, barium, lead, selenium, cadmium, PVC, bromine, antimony, etc. slowly seep and contaminate the soil and the air of the surrounding area. Now your simple act has made it dangerous for many more years to come. To leave a positive Eco print, let’s learn and get our facts right on mobile recycling.


Traded Recycling

You want to discard your old phone but many people are looking out for old/second-hand models. So you stand a fair chance to recycle your gadget within your country. You can go to shop keepers and trade them. If you can exchange it for your new model, just by paying a few more dollars, you are in a win-win situation. Else, want to do some charity? Give your old model to charitable organizations; some send them to troops overseas whose only use of mobile phone is to call back home. You earn good wishes.

Industrial Recycling

If you are unsure of whom or where to give your old handset, you can keep a tab on big shopping malls that accept the old handsets for recycling purpose. The other way of not throwing your phone in the garbage bin is to search for mobile recycling centers. There are umpteen benefits of going this way. You are allowing your old phone to be put to good environmental use. When you send your phone for this type of recycling, you help save raw material required for the making of a new handset.

The Process of Recycling

The basic parts of the handset are disassembled. Then they are sorted into different bins for every component like handset, charger, accessory, circuit board and batteries. Stainless steel for industrial and home use is extracted from Nickel of the batteries. Silver, gold, lead and such other precious metal from circuit boards can be used again and further mining for these metals can be arrested to a good extent. Phone casings’ recycling can give homes plastic fencing. Even cadmium and copper from old batteries find their way in the making of new ones!

 Recycle and Get Paid

If you are still unsure of the above methods, here is a way that will make your pockets heavy and your smile broad. Search for the companies in your country that take your old phone and pay you for it. In some cases, you don’t even have to pay the mailing charges as they offer free shipping! Once you have investigated the best deal for you, follow the steps given on the sites and trade your old handset for some decent bucks.

In any case, before the handset leaves your hands, ensure that you have deleted all data and pictures from your old phone. Unsure on how to do it? Just google and you have various guides online that simplify your job. Once you have successfully recycled your phone, do some social work by spreading around the word on mobile phone recycling. Making people around you aware of this phenomenon will help your raise your points as an earth saver.