Know How to Recycle Old Cell Phones

Those who are conscious of earth are often on the lookout as how to recycle old cell phones. With the proliferation of cell phones, they are becoming the largest among the contributors to E-waste on earth. The landfills are being clogged with the electronics that are toxin filled and the only way out is to recycle these.

Giving cell phones to charity

There are a number of charitable organizations that take the cell phones that are used, refurbish them, and then resell them in the underdeveloped countries. The used cell phones are thus sold in much lower prices to those that cannot afford the new ones. The batteries that have exhausted their life are also recycled in the concerned recycling units.

Cell phones forming trash

Cell phones form the fastest and the largest of the components forming trash. On an average an adult in a developed nation changes his cell phone every two years. Most of these cell phones contain mercury, lead, brominated flame retardants, arsenic, and cadmium. The cell phones constitute the fastest growing kind among the manufactured garbage in many countries. About 70000 tons of manufactured garbage is created by the cell phones each year.

How to Recycle Old Cell Phones

Support for cell phone recycling

A person who wants to know the ways to recycle old cell phones must be made aware of the new class of recyclers that have come into existence. These are non-profit organizations that offer the retailers and the consumers the methods of recycling old and used cell phones. Most of these cell phone recyclers offer to enter the zip code on their website that directs toward a drop box. Moreover, some of the environmentally conscious retailers participate in these programs as well.

Making cell phone recycling mandatory

Most of the countries in the world have made it mandatory that the cell phones should be recycled, as this would not just reduce the chemical and electronic waste, but would also help those who cannot afford new ones. Further, in some of the countries laws have been formulated according to which the retailers cannot sell cell phones unless they have recycling systems for cell phones. The laws are applicable both for online stores as well as for offline stores.

Reconditioning old cell phones

If you wish to recycle your old phone, there are several ways for it. However, one of the most innovative ways is glamorizing them. This can be done by remodeling the old cell phones so that they are beautified with the use of sparklers. However, in order to get the phones back to a new life, they need to be reconditioned. And with the sparklers the phones can get an entirely new and sparkly appearance.

A person who considers the fact of recycling old cell phones can do so in a number of ways including giving away the used phones to charitable organizations or getting them reconditioned. However, raising the awareness to do so is something which is quite challenging and it should be initiated by individuals.