How Different Materials Are Recycled

Even though recycling is being widely practiced all over the world because of growing concerns with global warming majority of people are unaware of how materials are recycled. Recycling is a process that involves the reuse of materials to prevent them from being put up in landfills or getting burned thus increasing the carbon emissions.

How different materials are recycled in the recycling plants

how materials are recycledPaper

According to reports from Clean Air Council, nearly every person in the United States uses six hundred and fifty pounds of paper every year for business applications. The paper products are first separated into newsprint, whites and colored. After that, the material is washed and broken into ink and fibers. Pulp batches are created for every segment by soaking them in chemicals and water by separating the fibers. After that, the screens are used to filter the pulp and washed to remove the ink. It is then dried and new pulp is created for making paper.


Aluminum recycling is a big procedure and people who want to know how materials are recycled will get amused by the vast process involved in aluminum recycling procedure. The metal types are first sorted then cleaned and cut into small pieces before melting them to produce new products. Based on the reusability, various metals are added like manganese and silicon. The liquid metal is transformed into rods, bricks or blocks and cooled before getting transported.


There are different types of plastics available nowadays and care needs to be taken to ensure that they are recycled in a proper manner. Materials made of hard plastic are first washed and broken down into small particles. However, materials made of soft plastic are first cleaned and shredded by powerful machines.


Learning about the different techniques of how materials are recycled offers a clear idea on the percentage of original products used in the process. Glass is one such product which uses the highest percentage of original product in recycling process. Glass is broken down into small pieces and mixed with limestone, silica sand and soda ash and melted with extreme heat. Later on, the molten glass is used for creation of new materials.

Building Materials

Majority of waste products like wood end cuts, wooden chips as well as sawdust is mixed for the creation of different building materials. Wood waste is collected and the materials are heated with binding materials, glue and fillers. After that, pressure is applied on the burning hot materials. Sawdust composite can be used to create fiber board whereas wood pulp mix can be used to create hardboard. There are several other materials that are recycled and knowing how materials are recycled is important towards keeping the environment safe and healthy.