Great Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bags

As more plastic bags find their way into home, you need great ideas to recycle plastic bags. The number of these grocery bags seems to increase, no matter how careful you are. It’s hard to get rid of the accumulating plastic bags around home. You need to employ creative ways of reusing the plastic bags. Here are some interesting tips on how to make the best use of plastic bags.

In Suitcases

Carrying plastic bags to your vacation proves to be helpful. You can place a big plastic bag in your suitcase or a bag, when you are holidaying away from home. This way you can collect all your dirty clothes in one place, separating them from clean ones. You can also place your shoes in the plastic bag, so as to keep them away from clothes and other stuff.

Litter Box

If you’ve got a cat, then cleaning litter box is every day job for you. Flushing it is not considered a good option, as cat litter is known to consist of toxins that can harm aquatic life. Here is where the plastic bag comes handy. You can use it to scoop the litter and re-use it as well. Similarly, you can re-use the plastic bag for picking up the dog waste.

Trash Cans

You may already be using plastic bags to dispose off every day waste at home, but you can reuse the bag, instead of throwing it. Line the dust bins and trash cans with plastic bags to collect waste, so that you don’t have to buy new ones every time.

Great Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bags

In Journeys

When you are travelling, you can stack plastic bags in your vehicle’s glove box, so that it comes handy, in case if you get nauseous. Some people experience sickness during journeys. Having a plastic bag with you, helps in case if you are unable to pull over immediately.

In Outings

At concerts and music festivals with huge crowds, trash cans seem to overflow. Instead of dumping your stuff on top of the pile, you can collect it in a plastic bag and dispose it off at your home. When you go out for picnics, it is better to gather all your empties in a plastic bag, instead of messing the place.

Protecting Paint Brushes

If painting is your hobby, then you can keep your paint brushes from going hard and dry, by wrapping them in a plastic bag. Place the covered brushes in your fridge, till you use them next time. You can also use the plastic bag as a paint tray liner.

Protecting Plants

During chilly winters, you can wrap your plants in plastic bags, to save them from frostiness. Leave the bag overnight and remove it in the morning, to keep it protected.


You can use plastic bags to store your articles and keep it dust free. Wrapping fragile goods in plastic bags provides cushioning against breakage. They can be used to pack your commodities while moving out or mailing any fragile items.