Easy and Quick Recycled Craft Ideas

If you are on the lookout of easy and quick recycled craft ideas for your home or to help your kids learn the importance of going green kids then you should make a thorough research on the different ideas available online. These ideas will keep your kids entertained for hours and they will also utilize their time in an effective way doing something interesting. A very beneficial fact about recycling crafts for kids is that they spend creating something interesting and enjoyable rather than doing something useless. This also helps in building self-confidence and self-esteem in your kids. Here are the tips or the ideas that are easy and free to do and they will guarantee a feel good effect on your kids.

Flower pots

You can use medium-sized cans or tins that would suitably carry freshly picked flowers in them if you have a picnic party theme in your house. Very close to the top, make two openings on both the sides of the can or the tin. Try threading some pretty ribbons through the holes and tie the ribbons at the top. You can use this for hanging the can or the tin from branches or from the rafters of your patio. Go to your garden and get some pretty flowers and foliages and nicely place them into the tin with water. If time is not a limit, then you can also stick some beautiful fabric on the tins or even spray paint the tins in colors of your choice.

Pencil and pen holders

You can use already used tins and cans for making pencil and pen holders and you would be surprised to find everyone asking you where you got them from. Choose the tin size of your preference and then decorate it on its exteriors with glue fabric and a pretty cord to be placed at the top. You can even spray paint the tin with the color of your choice.

Gift containers

You can again make use of a tin of your preferred choice and take care of the size as well. Warp the entire tin with colored paper, preferably cellophane paper and tie the top with a pretty ribbon. This makes for a very attractive and cool gift container.

Recycled Craft Ideas

Candle holders

Candle holders are just perfect for evening functions and romantic dinners. You should try and get hold of some low cans or tins for this purpose. Tie ribbons all around the can or the tin and make use of a low candle or tea light candle inside the tin.

Gift bags

You can easily decorate recycled bags of paper by making use of markers, scrapbook supplies, magazine pictures, acrylic paints, yarn and whatever you have handy. You can use shredded paper within the bag in the form of cushion for placing your gift and cover your gift in a decorative manner.

Centerpieces and baskets

Embellish old gift boxes and baskets by using certain craft supplies like lace, buttons, paint and different other materials. You can also make these baskets and centerpieces in themes like Easter baskets, Get Well Soon gift basket and even a Christmas Goodie basket. Try to surround pillar centerpieces of the candle using shredded paper. Use them in the form of snow for making Christmas village displays. These recycled craft ideas are sure to be liked by your kids and they would have a fun time doing these.