20 Facts about Recycling

Exploring 20 facts about recycling would help you to understand recycling a little better, than before. Today most people have realized that recycling helps us to make our environment better and preserve valuable resources like trees, natural gas and oil for future generations. When you recycle your products or invest in recycled products you are saving money too. Most people do not understand this simple concept and continue to exploit nature and their surroundings.

1: Large scale deforestation

Deforestation is occurring on a large scale as large amount of trees are being cut down to manufacture paper. We should thus use recycled paper.

2: Huge volume of waste being created

It has been estimated that more than 100 million foods are being wasted worldwide. This could be used for in so many other ways.

3: Vast amount of bottles wasted every year

A survey has indicated that Americans annually waste 28 billion of glass jars and bottles which can be used again for various purposes.

4: Large amount of garbage being produced by a single family

A single family produces large amount of garbage on a daily basis. A large percentage of this is used for landfill while others cannot be used at all.

5: Scarcity of trees

It has been estimated that a tree which is 15 years old can produce more than 700 grocery paper bags. The irony lies in the fact that a tree does not survive for such long years.

6: Baby disposable diapers are difficult to dispose

Disposable diapers are very difficult to dispose.

7: Recycling aluminum saves large amount of energy

When you use recycled aluminum you are saving 95% of energy which would have been used during production.

Facts about Recycling

8: Large amount of plastic is wasted

A huge amount of plastic bottle which can be recycled is wasted.

9: Drop off paper not used

Most people do not use drop off paper but it is a wise decision to use it as it restricts overuse of available paper.

10: Recycling of glass avoided

Nearly 9 million tons of glasses were not recycled every year in the US.

11: Recycling of paper increased

From 1999 paper recycling has increased by 85% till today.

12: Condoms recycled

In China condoms were recycled to make into hair bands even though they were controversy about hygiene standards.

13: Americans are ardent fans of recycling

US play an important role in popularizing recycling today.

14: Diapers are not recycled

Diapers which are not made from biodegradable cannot be recycled.

15: Coffins are made from recycled paper

The use of wood in coffins has decreased. They are now made of steel and recycled paper.

16: US is the largest polluting nation

The people of US create more garbage than any other country.

17: The percentage of industrial waste is increasing

Industrial waste is polluting the world like never before.

18: The concept of recycling is not new

The concept of recycling can be traced back to the middle ages.

19: Bones were recycled too

Earlier animal bones were used to make glue and even tableware.

20: Recycling would help to conserve energy for the future

Recycling would help to conserve energy for the future generations and this is one of the most important facts among the 20 facts about recycling.