Taiwan Company Plans Urban Green Villa in Belltown, Seattle

Taiwan construction company Chainqui Development is all set to soon start building a green apartment called Urban Green Villa in the densely populated neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, United States.


Back in October last year, the company revealed its plans for building a condo at 3rd Avenue that will feature French-style living and recently it updated the plans to the design review board and are hoping to move forward.

The 12-storey building will have 132 condos, 73 underground parking stalls and 5000 square feet space for retail in the ground floor. It includes a green living wall that will grow completely in a span of 2 years and will have terrace and pocket gardens in the upper levels.

According to the builders, the most unique feature of the building will be the brick fa├žade that is topped by staggered bay windows. It will also include a glass canopy protecting the pedestrians as they walk through the side walls. In addition, the construction will also have terrace gardens and terrace trees.

The construction, said to cost around $60 million is expected to begin in October this year, reported The Business Journals.