Stadthalle Betriebsgesellschaft Switches to Green

Social responsibility and operational efficiency is what the Stadthalle Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Braunschweig of Braunschweig in Germany, has adhered to. The Board Executive of the company, Manfred Pesditschek expresses in a statement that going “green” is the best way to achieve success in event sector. The company aims towards making products that are sustainable.

Recycle Building

The company has earned the Green Globe recertification due to its responsible use of the green resources. The company has set some environment goals while the Sustainability Management System is at work. Following the green principles the business has switched to using renewable energy resources. They will be using a carbon footprint calculator along with products that are eco-certified. They make use of biodegradable and recycled materials, while adopting the system of waste separation and the disposal of ecological waste.

Stephen Lemke, the General Manager, takes pride in the fact that “sustainability management” along with “regular meetings” organized by the “green team” is what makes them successful. Lemke stresses on their philosophy which is “Switch to Green”. They adopt measures and steps that take care of facility management, material planning, marketing, quality management and abiding with the principles of green process.

The visitors can arrive by train while free public transportation is included in the event tickets.