Spinach Could Become Your Heart

The fact that spinach is good for the heart is well-known. Now, researchers are taking this fact a little further by suggesting that in future spinach could actually become your heart. As such, it could repair any damaged tissue by giving the human heart a plant-filled vascular system – reported Gizmodo.

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Spinach has been chosen for this as its leaves have very fine veins that can send nutrients and water to plant cells. By the new research, the plant cells can be removed, leaving only the cellulose structure to keep the cells in position. Cellulose is the richest part of plant cell walls and has properties of stimulating wound healing, cell attachment among mammals and regeneration of cells.

Now, by developing a plant-filled vascular system using spinach, researchers can grow live human cells on the spinach framework. After human tissue grows on the spinach’s network of veins, researchers could demonstrate that blood cells could flow through if fluids and micro beads could be introduced into it.

Patients with damaged heart muscle tissue can benefit from this vastly. Now, new heart matter can be grown by using newly-grown plant veins so that they act as substitute blood vessels that will deliver oxygen to the tissue.