Professionals Working Along to Track the Biodiversity of Maryland

If you are a resident of Maryland, then you are sure to have heard about the Maryland Biodiversity Project. This initiative aims in cataloguing every possible species found in Maryland and the brains behind this project, Jim Brighton and Bill Hubick are at the helm of it.

This project, within a year, has accumulated over 7700 photographs of more than 3600 species. New entries are being added everyday that are contributed by over 150 volunteer photographers. Josh Cohen, Mayor of Annapolis added a photograph of the wasp Megarhyssa greenei.

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On their walks together, Brighton writes down species of plant and fungus apart from photographing them, while Hubick takes the notes of animals. After returning home, they upload these photographs and record dates and locations in their website-

They photograph unfamiliar creatures and plants and later identify them with the help of professionals or through research. The team’s premier scouting location is Wooten’s Landing Park.

Wesley Knapp is one such professional who has been given the task of determining the rarity of a particular species. He, meanwhile appreciates the work done by Brighton and Hubick and is looking forward in working with these two for an indefinite period.