Monsoon Variability Could Easily be Curbed by Limiting Global Warming

India has always been news for the variable monsoon condition it has. These changes in monsoon conditions have caused huge loss in the country. Recently a study was conducted that blamed Global Warming for the changes in Indian monsoon conditions. It was estimated that this will further worsen due to the pattern of Global Warming.

Limiting Global Warming

To conduct the research properly and get a proper result the researchers have tried to assess all the climatic models. In this research 20 models of climatic condition were used and these models have shown these changes are going to increase more and more with time. The researchers are of the view that proper adaptation measures should be taken by people to overcome this problem easily. In many areas rainfall is followed by drought and to get rid of such condition some intelligent adaptive measures are always required.

This study was published in Geophysical Research Letters. One author of this study name Anders Levermann has said that the increased variability has severe impacts and it is always difficult to face the loss that it causes. It has become very important to curb Global Warming as this monsoon variability seems to be going out of control.