LocalMotionGreen Merges with Ecology Center

LocalMotionGreen and Ecology Center have merged to expand and improve resources of organisations that are concerned with environment.

The announcement about the merger was made on 8th May and the resultant joint venture is better equipped to create awareness among individuals regarding improvement of environment.

The merger has been named LocalMotionGreen at the Ecology Center, which is concerned with the improvement of health and overall quality of life. The Ecology Center is a non-profit organisation that concentrates on promotion of green business ideology, education and advocacy.

Ecology Center

It initiated the first recycling programme in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Its recovery programme phased out all medical incinerators in Michigan and compiled report on presence of toxic chemicals in consumer products.

The merger was the result of commonality in ideologies of both Ecology Center and LocalMotionGreen. The latter runs a database that provides information on the constituents of children’s products. Besides, promotion of green chemistry, reduction in use of toxic chemicals and implementation of gentler technologies for preservation of the environment are other initiatives of LocalMotionGreen.

The merger would also raise voice for updating of The Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976, the relevance of which has diminished in the present condition.