Global Warming Threatens Penguin Population

adelie penguins

A recent study says that half of Adélie Penguins could be wiped out due to effects of global warming. The study, published in Scientific Reports reveals that most of the regions of Antarctica have warmed too much and any further increase in this warming may not be positive for the colonies of Adélie Penguins.

The penguins breed on melting glaciers which are fast receding as the climate is tipping fast which is likely fueling the decline in penguin colonies. The study says that as much as 60 per cent of this penguin species could decline by the end of this century. It is one of the only two true Antarctic penguins – Emperor penguins being the other.

Adding to this, scientists have that on West Antarctic Peninsula – which is considered as one of the fastest warming places on the planet – Adélie penguins are already declining in population. On the other hand the population of the species has been steady or even increased where the climate remained stable or even cooled a little, reported Live Science.

More rains due to warming climates is melting the snow and ice prematurely leaving more wet terrain for the species which build their nests with pebbles on rocky and ice-free terrain. This decrease in quality and also availability of the breeding grounds and food could be the main reason in declining numbers.