Exclusive Distributor Agreement Signed by InoLife Technologies with Green Dolphin Systems Corporation

Exclusive Distributor Agreement was signed by InoLife Technologies, a service based environmental and healthcare product developer as well as marketer, with Green Dolphin Systems Corporation.

The agreement is considered to be an integral part of the expansion and business strategy of InoLife that will offer a platform for growth to the company within a huge range of retail and commercial markets.

Green Dolphin Systems Corporation

InoLife CEO Gary Berthold stated that the company is excited about prospects that product portfolio of Green Dolphin offer in selective international and domestic markets. He also stated that the key focus of the company will be to serve pharmacy, supermarket, automotive sectors and hardware with a huge range of ecologically safe and high performance products.

There is no doubt about the fact that this agreement will help the product development process of the company along with marketing strategy and sales within different market divisions.

Green Dolphin Systems Corporation has been engaged towards advancement of “green” products for residential and commercial use. The company therefore takes pride in its development and research of ecologically safe biodegradable formulations.

The efforts of the company towards the expansion and improvement of its products is expected to continue in the near future too.