Ecology Approves the Update of Steilacoom's Shoreline Program

The shoreline master program of the town of Steilacoom has been approved by Department of Ecology in Washington (Ecology).

The shoreline program of Steilacoom should look after the use, protection, and the development of a marine shoreline of 2.6 miles and stream shores of 1.1 miles in the town.

Department of Ecology in Washington

Steilacoom is one among the eighty local governments to have completed the updates. This new master program consists local plans for the development and protection of shoreline and for ordinances for development of new shorelines in the future. Paula Ehlers, the program Manager at Ecology Southwest Shorelands, maintained that this new program should help “protect” the “environmental” and “economic” health of the waters including that of Puget Sound and Chambers Creek.

The master program will encourage the methods of controlling soft bank erosion. It should include a restoration plan that would show how and where the improvements in water as well as the upland areas so as to improve the shoreline environment. It should also aid the broader initiative of protecting and restoring Puget Sound.

The counties and the cities of Washington that have regulated shorelines should have their programs updated by December 2014.