Concerns over Tackling Global Warming Issue

International Energy Agency report stated that global emission of greenhouse gases reached record levels in the year 2012. The most disconcerting fact is that from May carbon dioxide levels touched 400ppm (parts per million) in more than several hundred millennia.

It has been predicted by IEA that there could be an increase in global temperature by 6.84°F to 9.54°F where most of the temperature increase is expected to occur in this century. The temperature rise predicted is a lot more than 3.6°F or 2°C which scientists have stated that the Earth should not surpass. The reports also stated that even though measures taken to reduce global warming effects have been insufficient so far but there still lies hope to restrict the temperature rise to 2°C although it can be quite challenging.

Global Warming Issue

A suite of 4 policies has been recommended by IEA for countries to adopt by the year 2020 so as to tackle the worst effects of global warming. The policies selected by IEA will make sure that existing technologies are put to use and economic growth is not affected in any way. The policies will try to enact energy efficient practices, limit use and construction of coal-fired plants, minimize methane emissions and phase out subsidies to industries relying on fossil-fuel.

This independent agency presently has twenty eight members including most of Europe, Japan and United States.