Australia’s Record Breaking Summer Caused Mainly by Global Warming

This summer in Australia has been recorded to be the hottest. Researchers say that this occurred mainly because of global warming caused by humans. However, researchers are of the belief that chances of occurrence of record breaking summers in Australia has increased by 5 times mainly because of climate change.

Sophie Lewis, study author from University of Melbourne stated that with increasing levels of emission of greenhouse gases occurrence of extreme summers are likely to get more frequent as well as severe in near future. The summer in Australia starts from December and continues till February when the Northern Hemisphere experiences winter. Average temperatures rose by 2°C this summer which is definitely a big concern for the country.

Global Warming

High temperatures gripped almost the entire country and only 3 percent of the country experienced temperatures below normal. The Aussies named it “Angry Summer” as there were widespread occurrences of flooding and bush fires along with extremely hot temperatures.

After thorough research and studies, Lewis along with her colleagues was able to discover that human influences are the main cause behind the record temperatures in Australia when it was otherwise expected to be a lot cooler. Apart from the record-breaking nature of the summer, the amazing discovery made by the team was that the weak La Nina was expected to bring cooler temperatures to the country.