American Sales Development Launches New Line of LED Lights

The American Sales Development LLC has announced the launch of its new range of LED lights that can be used at workstations and also for under-shelf installations.

These lighting units can be used by designers, architects, display manufacturers and cabinet makers. The lights launched by the company are great when it comes to energy saving and performance. They consume 90% less electricity, 25x less heat, 133x greater life, higher brightness, etc. Along with all these features there will not be any emission of any toxic material or other gasses.LED Lights

The LED lights use semi-conductor materials to produce such energy. LEDs are far sturdier when compared with fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs. These lights don’t require glass or any fragile components and this makes them better when it comes to absorbing shock and vibration.

The range of ASD LED lighting is from 600-6500 Kelvin, 9-30 watts and 810 to 2700 lumens. There is no need of any transformer and the lights can be easily connected to a single source through the dual connector. There is a standard fastener added in this for the workstation and under-shelf mounting. These LED lights can help in getting good amount of lighting without facing any health or safety issues.