10 Surprising Facts About 10 Birds


Making their homes in almost every place on the planet, birds are one of the most beautiful creatures that we see every day. Again, every species has something unique to itself that makes it so special in the world. Here are 10 such surprising and amazing facts about 10 birds that we see daily.

1. Dipper


Dipper, also called water ouzel, is a perching bird which gets its name from the habit of standing on the stones in the middle of a stream and bobbling its head up and down in the water to get its food.

2. Golden Oriole


The Golden Oriole, deriving its name from the Latin aureoles, is the only species in its family that breeds in Europe. It occasionally visits Britain in Spring. It is also one of the best singers in the family of perching birds.

3. Tit


Also known as titmice or chickadees in the United States, the Tit is a small and cute bird that very curious, pert and unafraid and is known to be very friendly to man. In England, this cheerful bird’s whistle marks the arrival of Spring. These birds are very good at taking cream from the top of milk bottles by breaking open the seal caps.

4. Hoatzin


This bird with the Aztec name can swim and dive very well even while young. It plunges into the water to escape predators. Its unique feature is that it has two claws at the tip of each wing which the bird uses to climb trees on its fours. It is also known as the stinking pheasant due to its strong and musky body odor.

5. Honey Guide


A member of the Pici order that includes woodpeckers, the Honey Guide feeds on something that other birds could hardly digest – beeswax. It has bacteria in its intestines that breaks down the indigestible substance. It also has a tough skin that protects it from the sting of the bees whose hives it attacks.

6. Poë Honey Eater


Found commonly throughout New Zealand, it is also called as the parson bird or tui. It is very popular for its joyous song that is much more inventive and richer than the song of the nightingale. An excellent mimic, it feeds on honey from very particular flowers.

7. Sacred Ibis


The Sacred Ibis has wonderfully bordered wings and tail in black while the rest of its body is pure white. Its head, neck and bill are bare black. It was worshipped by ancient Egyptians as Thoth; the scribe of the gods. Also from its family is the scarlet ibis which is considered as the handsomest of all the birds.

8. Secretary Bird


The secretary bird can walk faster than a man can run. It derives its name due to the crest of long black plumes at the back of its head that resembles secretaries of 18th century carrying several quills behind their ears. Its scientific name, Sagittarius serpentarius is derived from its upright posture that resembles an archer and also due to its habit of killing snakes. When pursued, it runs as fast as a horse until it collapses from exhaustion. Oh! It’s a powerful flier!

9. Skua


A fast and agile sea bird, the skua breeds in Iceland and Scotland. It migrates as far as South America and Australia during winter. The skua catches its own food only during the breeding season. Otherwise, it chases other birds and compels them to disgorge their prey on which it feeds.

10. Starling


Native to Eurasia, this small perching bird is quite quarrelsome and perky. It whistles, chuckles, rattles and often imitates other birds. It may be also a pest in orchards. During the winters, the starling shows white speckles which virtually disappear in summer.