The 10 Easy Ways to Beat Weeds

Weeds are capable of producing around twenty five thousand seeds that destroy your garden and these 10 easy ways to beat weeds will make it easier to eradicate the weeds without the need of expensive and harmful pesticides and materials.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda can be applied on the cracks of the walkways, driveways and patios to keep them free from weed growth. The extra amount of sodium in the baking soda makes it difficult for the plants to sustain.

2. Bleach

Bleach is another material to beat weeds from growing in the crevices and cracks of walkways. Undiluted bleach works just fine as within a couple of days of sprinkling the weeds can be pulled out and would not grow back again. However, sprinkling on the plants and grasses should be avoided.

3. Bottles

During application of herbicides for killing weeds, it’s always a good idea to cut a 2 litre soda bottle in two halves and use the upper half while spraying. This will prevent other plants from getting affected as the spray is confined within the bottle covering the weed.

4. Borax

Borax is a wonderful substance which can be quite effective in eliminating weeds from concrete cracks outside the house. It kills the weeds effectively before they even get a chance to grow.

Easy Ways to Beat Weeds

5. Carpet Scraps

Carpet scraps can be placed upside down and covered with straw or bark mulch which inhibits the growth of weeds on garden path.

6. Shower Curtains

Old shower curtains which find no use in the house can be used for landscaping with bark chips or gravel. The shower curtain can be placed under mulching material for preventing annoying weeds poking through.

7. Salt

Salt which is readily available at home can be used for eradicating weeds popping through walkway cracks. A solution of salt and water can be directly poured to beat weeds. Salt can even be applied directly on weeds.

8. Vinegar

Apple or white cider vinegar helps a lot when it comes to getting rid of weeds. The weeds can be sprayed with vinegar during early season especially in the midsection or the flower’s centre. The ground where the weeds are growing can also be sprayed with vinegar.

9. WD-40

The WD-40 is a chemical that is quite effective in killing the weeds that are ruining the beauty of the garden. This chemical can be sprayed on the weeds which will wither them and kill them.

10. Vodka

Liquid soap mixed with one ounce of vodka and two cups of water helps in the preparation of a solution ideal for killing weeds. It is always advisable to apply the solution during mid-hours of a sunny day which dehydrates the weeds.

These are the 10 easy ways to beat weeds which make sure that the garden stays free from unwanted weed growth spoiling the beauty and look of the place.