Making Your New Home Eco-Friendly

The effects of our carbon footprint has become far more localised over recent years. We have gone from national targets to looking more at personal targets and having to ensure our personal levels of eco-friendliness are at a good level. There are many aspects to our life that can be made more eco-friendly, but making changes within the home are a great way of making a simple lifestyle change and continuing with your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started

Underfloor Heating

It has been widely argued that underfloor heating is a great way of improving your carbon footprint. Standard wall radiators easily lose heat and don’t heat up the room as whole like under floor heating. Radiators don’t just look unfitting in many homes, but they are also energy-inefficient. On the other hand, under floor heating is a good alternative that can work well, especially in bathrooms. Under floor heating isn’t only suited to new buildings, but also can be installed into older buildings.

New Home Eco-Friendly

Reusing Furniture

Antique and reclaimed furniture is a style that has become popular of late. However, using retro styled furniture that is made from reused wood is a fantastic way of ensuring use of an older material. So rather than throwing out that old piece of furniture and replacing it with a generic new item, ensure that your old piece of furniture is used responsibly and invest in a reused and reclaimed piece of furniture that has a bit of charm.


This is something that is a common suggestion but needs to be checked in every new home and rechecked in a current home. Loft insulation is the obvious place to check as heat rises and should be trapped within the house rather than a house losing heat. Heat can also be lost through windows so it is worth investing in replacing single glazed windows with double glazing to ensure that you can firstly, stop wasting energy and secondly, keep your bills down.

Quick Fixes

There are also quick and easy fixes that can make small steps in the right direction. These steps are only small but are quick and easy lifestyle changes. Firstly, on the same tact as the previous point, reducing the level of heat that can leave a room can stop you wasting energy and keep your bills down. Therefore buying thick curtains that can keep heat in a room will go some way to helping you achieve this. There are also advances in technology that can help control your carbon footprint without effecting your day-to-day life. These range from energy efficient light bulbs to water controlling shower heads. In the kitchen, you would be surprised at how much energy a kettle uses and there are now energy efficient kettles available to help control this.