Building a Home Out of Shipping Containers

In a lot of people’s lives there comes a point when the home that they live in is no longer big enough. Traditionally people will then go out and look for a new house to buy, which will be an upgrade from their current home. Unfortunately, this is not always possible for some people due to a lack of funds, but there are other options that are open to you.

It is a lot cheaper to find a small plot of land that you can build a new home on, rather than buying a piece of land with an already existing house. One bonus when you build your house yourself is that you can design it according to your needs. By designing your home, you will not have to make do and compromise as you do when buying an existing house.

Choosing the Materials to Build your Home

An excellent alternative to using traditional building materials for your home is to use recycled shipping containers to build the main structure. If you’re wondering how to plan a shipping container home, these can be put together a bit like building blocks, and you can have large open spaces that are larger than a normal shipping container.

You can do this by joining shipping containers together, and then removing the internal walls, leaving you with a big open space. As you are using recycled material, this is also doing your bit for the environment and will help to reduce the carbon footprint of you and your family. You will be able to find an ample supply of used shipping containers for sale.

How You Can Build A House From Shipping Containers (1)

Traditional Foundations

You will still need a traditional foundation for your home that you should build in the normal manner. Once the foundation is complete, you can then start to move the shipping containers in and fix them securely to the foundations, as well as join them together.

The process of joining the shipping containers together is one that is quite quick. You can realistically build a structure that uses 20 shipping containers and have the main structure done within a week.

Fitting Out the Inside of your Home

When the main structure is up, and you have joined all of the shipping containers together, you will then need to remove the internal walls and also cut holes for windows and doors. When the windows and doors are in place, it is going to be time to start adding the walls, floors and also ceilings to your new home.

You will need to make sure that you leave plenty of room between the metal framework and the walls, floors and ceilings so that you can add sufficient insulation. Adding insulation will help to keep your home both cool and warm when needed, as well as also insulate against sound.

Making your Home Look Pretty

You can go with a very modern look with your new home and have plenty of glass and metal on show. Alternatively, you can go for a more traditional look and clad the exterior of your home in shingles or wooden panelling.

Adding an additional layer outside of your home will help to keep the home cool, especially in direct sunlight. It is also advisable to add a proper roof to the structure as otherwise the sun beating down on the metal will heat up your home quite considerably. Then when you have completed the outside, as well as the inside, it is time to decorate your new home to your taste.
From the start to finish, you can move into your new home within a couple of months, and saved yourself some money in the process, which is a lot quicker than building with traditional materials. You may just set a new trend in your local neighbourhood!