Top 5 Energy Efficient Clothes Washers for 2013

There are numerous top energy efficient clothes washers for 2013 which do not just consume less energy but in doing that also reduce the utility bills to a great extent. Clothes washers are an indispensable item for households, and if each homeowner makes a wise choice, it would make a huge difference and signal a pro-earth strategy.

1. Small Clatronic Clothes Washer

Small Clatronic Clothes Washer

Most of the people consider large sized clothes washer machines because the larger or super-sized machines are believed to be much more efficient. But, this widespread notion is entirely wrong. Efficiency is what people desire and the smaller the size of the washer machine, the greater is the efficiency. The Small Clatronic washer machine is highly energy efficient in that it uses much less electricity than the traditional washing machines. The monthly bills are also hugely reduced with its use.

2. LG WM3875HVCA


This clothes washer machine counts among the top energy efficient machines. The machine is energy-star-rated and promisingly reduces the unusually large energy consumption. The machine is featured with the advanced technology of cold washing. This however does not indicate that the intensity of cleaning is compromised. The machine claims to clean the clothes in cold wash as efficiently as with hot water. It is this aspect of the machine that makes it highly energy efficient because about ninety percent of the energy goes in heating water. The capacity of the machine has been maximized and it can wash huge loads.

3. EcoSmart from Fisher and Paykel

EcoSmart from Fisher and Paykel

When people are looking for the best energy efficient clothes washers, they cannot overlook the EcoSmart machine from Fisher and Paykel. This clothes washer consumes 22% less energy than a conventional clothes washing machine. The usage of water is also reduced by 58% than that used by the conventional machines. The improvisation in the technology consists of 1000 rpm and this saves approximately 30% of energy on drying.

4. Elite Front Loader Washing Machine by Kenmore

Elite Front Loader Washing Machine by Kenmore

This is another top performing washing machine. The machine introduced the cold wash technology as a strategy of energy efficiency. The cold water cleaning is as efficient as hot water cleaning, but reduces consumption of energy to a great extent. The additional feature of the machine includes an option for sanitizing which eliminates bacteria to about 99.9% without the use of chemicals such as bleach.

5. Samsung WF330

Samsung WF330

Samsung introduced the new WF330 clothes washer among the energy efficient devices. This washer machine makes use of advanced technology in order to reduce the consumption of energy and thus reduces the utility bill to a great extent. The machine also dispenses with the need of large amounts of water as is needed by the conventional machines.

The top energy efficient clothes washers employ such technologies as should reduce the use of both energy and water.