Top 10 Green and Money Saving Tips

The Earth desperately needs ecological revolution, lest it will not be the same motherly planet. Thankfully, awareness of green and money saving tips among the masses and subsequent action is enough to build that revolution.

1. Bicycling

Bicycling is the best mode of transport for short distances. It has various health benefits and bicycles are the only means of transport with zero emission. No expense of fuel either. They can be used by individuals of any age and in any profession.

2. Car pooling

Places which are not properly accessible via mass transit system can be best reached by car pool services. A few people together can reach their destinations in comfort of car but at significantly low cost.

3. Eco-friendly appliances

Whenever electrical or electronic appliances are to be replaced, eco-friendly ones should be bought. The least expensive green and money saving tip in this context is use of CFLs and LEDs instead of regular lights. These products can save up to 90% of electricity, which will reflect on the bills too. Further, eco-friendly air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. can also be bought in.

Green and Money Saving Tips

4. Mass transit

Fares of buses, trains, metros, ferries, etc. are much lower than any form of personal transport. They are considerably efficient in many countries as well. Using mass transit systems lets people interact, saves fuel and most importantly saves money spent on fuel for private cars.

5. Paperless office

E-commerce is the best supporter of the ecological revolution. From shopping to billing, technology should be used as far it is available. It prevents deforestation and spares time that is spent in doing the same task physically. Moreover, it has long been said that “time is money”.

6. Recycling

Papers, plastic, metals and wood are easily recyclable. That is not all, most recycling centres pay certain amount depending upon the rate of the item and material. This means that one gets paid for disposing what has already been used.

7. Reusing

When recycling is an efficient idea, then reusing has to be too. Refurbished by reliable recycling firms are comparable to new ones because they contain certain percentage of fresh material. They are relatively less expensive but quite lasting.

8. Switching off appliances when not in use

The simplest among the green and money saving tips is to switch-off appliances when they are not in use. Switching off appliances religiously can save considerable percentage of annual electricity bills as well as reduce emission generated for production of electricity.

9. Water preservation

Every leaking pipe and faucet should be repaired because they may look dripping but waste hundreds of litres of water annually. Water costs either by direct billing or in the form of electricity bill. A step further is to harvest rainwater to ensure less dependency on supplied water.

10. Persistence

Following the green and money saving tips with persistence is essential for both environment and finance. Most of these ideas seem insignificant initially but assessing them on annual and global basis reveals their significance towards environment and expenditure.