Tips to Buy Sustainable Coffee

Implementing or abiding by the effective tips to buy sustainable coffee will ensure that an individual restricts himself from pouring down in bad coffee and never gets to enjoy the true flavour of coffee. Consumption of sustainable coffee is not only beneficial for coffee-lovers but for the planet as well. So one must don their thinking cap the next time when they head out to buy coffee.

Organically grown

When searching for the best tips to buy sustainable coffee, the very first thing that one should be doing is to look for these particular beans. Organically grown coffee beans are produced without the help of herbicides or pesticides. This simply ensures that pollution from fertilizers gets minimized, in addition to the reduction of soil erosion.

Fair trade certified

It simply certifies that the harvesters are working in ideal conditions and are being paid correctly for their work. This is eco- friendly because a direct connection gets formed between conservation and poverty alleviation in the coffee farming communities. Fair payments simply suggest that growers won’t have the incentive in cutting down forests to cultivate more coffee.

Tips to Buy Sustainable Coffee

Shade grown

Valuable habitat conditions are provided by coffee trees that are grown in large tropical forests. Coffee farms who practise shade growing can easily support more than 150 kinds of migratory birds, offering them shelter and nourishment for the long journeys. It also ensures a greater biodiversity and less monoculture, besides protecting coffee crops from invasive species and pests. This tip can be bettered by mentioning that shade grown beans ripe more slowly resulting in a deeper and more luxurious flavour.

Types of shade grown coffee

Shade grown coffee come in many varieties and have no certification from any international agreed-upon system. For better results, one must be looking for beans that are grown in “rustic” cover. This simply means that between 70% to 100% shade cover was used at the time of cultivation, therefore providing maximum benefit to birds and other species.

Climate change

One of the most essential tips to buy sustainable coffee is by finding the coffee cultivated near the place you live. Carbon emissions generated by transportation and distribution gets reduced by locally produced coffee.

Carbon-neutral coffee

The carbon footprint needs to be considered if one is really concerned with eco-friendly products. This is essential because coffee plants are responsive to climate. Coffee production can get affected with even the slightest of change in climate. It requires a specific climate to thrive.


Because of their sensitive nature, extreme measures are taken at the time of cultivating coffee. Even the most minimum of changes in temperature or rain is enough for the coffee-growers to press the panic button.