Green Tips to Save Paper

The green tips to save paper are very important to memorize because paper conservation is quite necessary. There are a number of painless methods that can be used for saving paper and money at the same time. A large number of trees are cut down on a regular basis simply to meet the rising demands of paper. This is something that should be stopped immediately and this is only possible if you follow the excellent tips which are listed here.

Print less

It has been rightly determined by the U.S Department of Commerce that both printing and paper account for around five to fifteen percent of expenditures. Thus, if you are able to save on letters and papers then you will surely be helping in saving a lot of paper as well. So, do not resort to printing. Instead try sending information electronically. Print wisely and put in some thought into your printing requirements. Mother Nature will surely thank you for this effort on your part.

Recycle paper

Recycling paper does not only include copy paper but junk mail, boxes, folders and newspapers as well. This means everything that tears. You might not be aware of the fact that more than 80% of the paper items that you make use of on a regular basis can easily be recycled. Try to save trees and landfill space and try to keep getting the cycle going by making use of recycling bins.

Green Tips to Save Paper

Purchase recycled paper

Recycling paper products tends to be of very little use if no one is interested in purchasing the same. Nowadays, you will easily find products made of recycled paper starting from toilet paper to copy paper from coffee filters to cups. Your percentage of using and buying recycled paper should always be very high because this proves the fact that there are a large number of trees being spared on a regular basis.

Avoid the use of paper towels

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that paper towels are quite necessary for the ones who work in a kitchen. However, the use of paper towels should be completely avoided. This is because paper towels help in creating landfill wastes every day. Try to make use of rags and hand towels made out of cotton in place of paper towels. They do not have an adverse effect on the environment though they create extra laundry.

Re-use parcel boxes

Every time you receive a parcel, do not throw away the parcel box. Instead, break it down and store the box flat so that it can be saved for mailing a package somewhere else. This is a recycling trick that works amazingly in saving tons of paper.

Adhere to wireless banking and online billing

It is quite true that online banking requires some time to get set in the proper manner, but banks provide good help in this field. Try paying your bills online rather than paying them through cheques. Going paperless with billing also helps the companies in saving a lot of money and this in turn helps in saving a lot of paper. These are some very effective green tips to save paper that can be of good help in the long run.