Green Tips to Get Rid of Clutter

Green tips to get rid of clutter help in getting a fresh and clean home without causing any harm to the surroundings and nature. The most important point in keeping the house free of clutters is to avoid collecting things that are not to be used. Here are a few tips that should help.

Giving away used clothes and accessories

The accessories and clothes that are not in use should be given away to the thrift stores. There are a number of non-profit organizations that accept rejected professional dresses and suits. The old shoes can also be donated to the needy or dropped in the shoe donation boxes that can be seen almost everywhere. The old and used products can also be sold to specific shops that accept second hand clothes and shoes.

Paperless billing

One of the most useless clutters created is the pile of paper bills. The most effective way to deal with this useless clutter is to switch to the process of electronic billing. This would reduce the clutters on the desk and paper bins. Switching over to electronic billing also reduces the use of paper to a great extent. This in turn reduces the felling of trees for papers.

Green Tips to Get Rid of Clutter

Disposing electronic items and computers

The electronic wastes constitute more than 2.30 million tons that are filling the landfills every day. The landfills are getting saturated with electronic wastes that have toxic effects on the environment. Recycling or donating is a better way to rid electronic wastes rather than adding them to the already existing pile of waste. This is a green way to get rid of clutter produced from electronic wastes. In the event of installing a new computer, the old one can be given in charity. A number of shops and outlets recycle old electronic goods such as computers, television, cell phones, and other gadgets. The used electronic items can be sold to these shops.

Getting rid of kids’ stuffs and books

It is a fact that kids outgrow interest in the same plaything in very little time. Instead of cluttering such unused and broken playthings and stuffs, it is better to give it away to the thrift shops or for charity. Used and broken playthings are also recycled to make fresh toys. Books, for sure, never get old. The classics can never be considered clutters. However, newspapers and magazines do end up forming useless piles eating up good space. Instead of piling them up at home or throwing them to add to the landfill, they can be donated or sold to the paper recycling factories. This ensures less wastage and a green way to get rid of clutter.

For ensuring that the world is a better place to live it should be seen that the wastes do not pile up at home and neither are they dumped to add to the landfills.