Green Home Cooling Tips

Green home cooling tips are extremely important for every household. If you try keeping your house cool with the use of an air conditioner, it will cost you a lot of money while harming the environment. Air conditioners release about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide annually and this can turn out to be very dangerous for the environment. In spite of this fact, the demand for air conditioners is continuously growing in the market with summer having a toll on the environment. Here are some effective and useful green tips that you can follow in summer for naturally cooling your home, saving money and the environment too.

Use windows coverings

When you are not at home at daytime, try closing all the windows of your house along with the blinds and the curtains as this will helps in keeping your house cool for a very long time. If you happen to be at home during the day and do not like to close all the windows, try using the window coverings whenever required. Keep in mind that windows that face the south get a lot of sunlight while windows facing the east get sunlight in the morning. Windows facing the west get stronger and hotter sun in the evening as well as in the afternoon. You can go for dime-store roller shades, roman shades and dark-colored window curtains.

Green Home Cooling Tips

Never try adding to the heat inside

Make use of appliances like washers, dryers and irons during the night or early in the morning so that you do not add to the heat within your house during the daytime. You can also completely eliminate the use of a dryer and use a clothesline in its place. Stoves are also a good source of heat and therefore you can try cooking outdoors or make use of a microwave. For the purpose of baking you can make use of a toaster oven as a toaster oven is smaller and it does not warm up the kitchen very fast. Try turning off electrical appliances like computers and washing machines when they are not in use.

Change your bulbs

The traditional light bulbs generate a lot of heat and therefore you must try making use of halogen infrareds or the compact light bulbs that are energy-efficient to keep your house cool during summers. The fluorescent bulbs consist of mercury and therefore you must take all safety precautions before using them.

Use fans

When it is cool outside, try using the affordable portable fans in front of your windows as they help in bringing cool air inside your room. Try making use of ceiling fans in spite of owning an air conditioner.

Keep the refrigerator well stored

Refrigerators filled with different types of foods do not warm up very quickly when their doors are kept open and therefore you should always try keeping your refrigerator well stored. These are some green home cooling tips that you can follow in order to save energy and stay cool.