Green Christmas Tips 2013 to Care for the Earth

People who are eager to save both energy and money would look up at the green Christmas tips for 2013. The aim is to keep wastage to a minimum while creating a fresh, clean, lively, and decked up home before Christmas. The festive season will definitely be green and merry when people take care of these little things.


Avoid the use of paper or plastic products

This is most certainly the time when people take out all that they have starting from China dishes, silverware and napkins even when it is for breakfast. This is the time when plastic and paper should be avoided. A number of substitutes for plastic and paper napkins are available in the market, which are eco friendly. On the party days during the festive season, homemade eggnogs can be made. Ice water pitchers must be prepared before the meals. It wouldn’t just be fun but would also reduce the amount of waste as soda and water bottles would be used.

Choose eco friendly and sustainable materials for wrappers

Wood, glass, silk, hemp, and cotton are sustainable materials. These are produced in fairly large amounts and their production does not deplete the non renewable sources. With these sustainable items the gifts get a beautiful texture that makes them seem close to earth while also supporting the sustainable farmers. Sustainable wrapping papers are also available which are made up of renewable materials and fabric. Brown butcher papers can also be used for wrapping gifts to celebrate a green Christmas in 2013. The package can be given a true vintage feel by the use of glitters, pieces of fabric, ribbon, paint, and old tree ornaments.

Opt for organic and vegetarian food

Even if not a vegetarian, opting for vegetarian and organic food for one meal a day can be decided to celebrate this Christmas in a greener way. The local farmers can surely be supported by purchasing fresh seasonal foods for winter. The vegetables and fruits can be bought from the local market that depends on the local produce. This will cut down the cost to a great extent as locally available fruits and vegetables do not require charges of freight.

Use LED lights to deck up the halls

To ensure green Christmas 2013 deck up the halls with LED lights. These are highly efficient lights that consume lesser energy than conventional bulbs. A plenty of them can be used as they are far from voraciously consuming energy. The house can be decorated from outside with mini lights and on the interiors too. Special lights can be used on the specially decorated Christmas tree. This will bring down the energy consumption and the related cost to a great extent. LED lights have greater durability and last as much as fifteen times longer than incandescent lights.