Follow Green Travel Guide to Ensure an Eco Friendly Tour

As for a person concerned about the wellness of the planet and his loved ones, spoiled natural beauty to serve the purpose of tourism would certainly hurt. Setting the ‘green’ alternatives forth, a person concerned about the environment would certainly choose those travel guides that matches both their environmental and ethical principles.

Eco-Travel Guide

This Eco-Travel Guide contains more information besides offering details on accommodations. Needless to say, air travels are not an eco-friendly mode of travel. The Eco-Travel Guide would suggest greener resorts and hotels along side covering greater intricacies to make a green vacation. Such guides consist of instructions that help the tourist and traveller to implement ways that are eco friendly and ensures that the surrounding area is least affected.

Eco-Travel Guide

Fodor’s Green Travel

This offers a great resource for all such tourists and travellers who prefer staying at such accommodations that are LEEDS certified or are environmentally safe. There are more than a hundred hotels and lodges featured on the guide. They do not just play a role in protecting the environment but work also to sustain the local economies.

Fodor's Green Travel

Green Travel Guide

This guide offers complete information on eco-friendly tours throughout Australia. This green travel guide feeds the readers with the latest news about ecotourism and the exciting eco friendly destinations as well. Moreover, it is not only a guide to the eco friendly destinations, but also provides tricks and tips for the travellers that should help them in minimizing any harsh impact on environment during their travel.

Green Travel Guide

Clean Breaks

The guide offers the travellers and tourists with options for eco-friendly touring which are unconventional. However, the destinations suggested by this guide cover the adventure tours and trips rather than popular hotels and resorts for a more laid back holiday. It also guides on ways that should help tourists and travellers in reducing the impact on environment.

Clean Breaks

Green Places to Stay

While there are a number of places, hotels, and resorts that claim to be following ‘green’ ways, the standards of green differ from place to place. Green Places to Stay offers a comprehensive guide that covers all the resorts and hotels that truly abide by the green principles. It ensures that the tourists can choose for themselves the best and the safest destinations which include accommodations that are environmentally friendly.

Green Places to Stay

Green Travel Source Book

This guide comes for such travellers who love undertaking adventurous trips. The guide contains all the resources, hints, precautions and instructions for interacting with the locals, for investigating natural work, and knowledge about the destination.

Green Travel Source Book

Tourism has been on a constant rise in the last decade. With more people travelling across the globe the reason for protecting the environment has increased drastically. Following green travel guides certainly helps the travelers to know more about the things which they could do for ensuring that their travel does not affect the environment.