Few Tips on Green Ways to Travel

Nearly one billion tourists crisscross the globe each year which is the reason why lot of emphasis is being laid on green ways to travel to avoid tourism’s negative effects both globally and locally.

Eco-Proof the Home

unplug every electronic item

Before leaving the house, it is necessary to turn off all appliances and unplug every electronic item within the house to reduce bills and save energy. The newspaper service should also be suspended for the vacation duration.

Green Transportation

Green Transportation

Although it is a popular belief that trains are pretty energy efficient unlike automobiles and planes but as a matter of fact automobiles, planes and trains all emit carbon. While travelling, one can opt for nonstop flights even though they are quite expensive than connecting flights. Travelers can also purchase carbon offsets that are sold at airport kiosks or made available during booking process.

Select Eco-Friendly Destinations

It is important to search for destinations which make sustainability and preservation a priority for greener travel. Places like South Africa, Costa Rica, Alaska, US Virgin Islands and US National Parks have lots to offer to environmentally aware travelers. The other option available is to search for local places.

Use Public transportation, Walk or Bike

Public transportation

Making use of the public transportation is the best way to experience any destination like locals. Shuttles and buses, if they are electrically driven or alternatively fuelled, offer the perfect ways of travelling greener. There are lots of cities around the world offering travelers with bicycles for rent.

Go Digital

Majority of airlines these days have started allowing passengers to show their boarding pass through Smartphones in order to save time and paper. Photos can be taken of important documents like IDs, Passport, etc. on the mobile instead of photocopying them.

Opt for Green Hotels

Green Hotels

Green hotels are available in large numbers across different cities of the world and it is crucial to understand what can be considered as “green”. Travelers need to look for certifications like Green Key, ISO 14001, LEED Building Certification, state certification programs and Green Globe. Another one of the ways to travel green is to look for the products used by the hotel for cleaning purpose.

Pack Light

While travelling, it is always recommended to pack as light as possible because not only it helps with saving money but also cuts down on resources required for transporting the goods. Taking fewer items and fewer bags means that airplanes are lighter and remain more efficient. The clothing to be used during the trip can help in packing light as well. If required, items can be easily washed in the sink.

The above mentioned green ways to travel are vital to consider for any traveler, especially if they want to play their part towards keeping the environment clean, green and safe. It would not only help them travel safe but also make the environment much safer for the other travelers.