Energy Saving Tips in the Winter to Avoid Damage to the Environment

The energy saving tips in the winter can be followed through little preparation and planning just before the start of the chilly season. There are various ways through which saving energy becomes easier and thus contributes towards reduction in power costs.

Winter enegy Saving Tips


  • A programmable thermostat can be installed which can be set at lower temperatures when the house remains unoccupied.
  • If the thermostat is lowered by even one degree then it can help to save energy usage by almost three percent.
  • Those people with forced air furnace installed in their homes need to inspect the filters before the start of winter season. If there is significant dust build-up then it should be replaced or cleaned.
  • The addition of a humidifier can be a good idea as moist air feels warmer. People inside the house will feel more comfortable even if lower temperature is set in the thermostat.

Doors and Windows

  • Doors and windows should be opened as less as possible including attached garage overhead doors.
  • When it comes to winter energy saving tips, it is always advisable to keep unused rooms sealed off. The wall and floor registers including return air vents should be closed properly to restrict wind coming in from outside.
  • The south-facing window blinds, drapes and curtains can be opened during the day. Window coverings should be closed at night to prevent the heat from escaping.
  • The caulk, weather strip and exterior doors need to be checked for air leaks which can result in huge amount of energy loss.

Water Heater

  • Keeping a check on the temperature of the water heater is a vital constituent of energy saving tips for the winter. The temperature of the water heater should not be set more than 125 degrees.
  • Water should be drained on annual basis from the water heater to get rid of sediments which can cause problems in the long run.
  • It is necessary to install water heater blanket in case the device is more than five years old.
  • The pipes around water heater can be insulated with easy-to-install and inexpensive pipe insulation.


  • Although wood-burning fireplaces are meant to keep the room warm but it has been observed that heated air inside is sucked by the fireplace for combustion which escapes through the chimney. Those who have modern fireplaces installed in their homes should equip them with airtight doors. In case of old fireplaces, it is better to equip them with doors consisting of operable vents. The vents should be opened only when the fire is lit.

The amount of energy available is limited especially the non-renewal modes of energy. It thus makes it more than important to apply energy saving tips in the winter that not only are efficient but also make it easier to save considerable amount of money. These are simple steps which can be implemented by every household and practiced on a regular basis.