Different Ways to Save Electricity

What are the different ways to save electricity? This is a very important question that requires a proper answer because the use of electricity is increasing each and every day and with the increase in the demand of electricity, there is a direct requirement of increase in its supply but this is not happening these days. This ultimately results in electricity becoming expensive every year. So what can we do to decrease the bills that we have to pay against the use of electricity or in other words how can we save electricity?

Turn off lights after use

According to a research, more than ten percent of household electricity is used through lights. Therefore, in order to save electricity, you should make it a point to switch off the lights in rooms that you are not using currently. Also try switching off the lights once you are over with your work. This will help in conserving a lot of power.

Lower the geyser temperature

You can easily save eight percent of the total amount of your electricity bill by turning the geyser temperature down. You can also use cold water for washing your dishes in place of hot water as this will help you in saving much more on the power that you consume on a monthly basis.

Unplug appliances that are not used regularly

You should remain aware of the point that even if appliances are not in use, they consume at least some power everyday when they stay plugged on. Therefore, appliances like mixers, toasters, microwaves, kettles and washing machines should be plugged off if they are not in use.

Different Ways to Save Electricity

Switch off the geyser

Using the geyser will have a forty percent increase in your electricity bill and therefore switching off the geyser can serve to be the most effect way of saving electricity. The geyser takes about an hour to heat up the water that you use for a bath or for a shower. Therefore, if you switch off the geyser for the remaining hours of the day, you can help yourself in saving electricity and thus your money.

Never leave the refrigerator open

It has been proved through research that about 6 percent more energy is used if the refrigerator is kept open. Therefore, you should not leave the fridge door open for a long span of time. If you need to pack your refrigerator with the groceries required for the entire month then make sure that you do this job very close to the refrigerator so that it is in easy access and the job can be done quickly. This will save a lot on your electricity bills.

Hang up the clothes that you wear

You should try and make use of the sun’s heat for drying your clothes in place of a tumbler dryer. This will save electricity and will also help you save on your utility bills.

Capitalize on computer efficiency

When in the office or at home, try making the best use of efficiency when working on your computer. You should make sure that you shut down your computer and turn off the power strip after finishing your work at the computer. If you do not do this then you are still making use of the computer even if it is not on. Always check for the requirements of backups and maintenance of your computer. These are only some of the most effective ways to save electricity and more of the electricity can be saved by paying heed to the common errors that we make daily when it comes to the usage of power in our homes and offices.