5 green Moving Tips to Consider

If you are planning to move to your new home in and around Brooklyn without leaving too much clutter, fortunately there are a lot ways to help you face this daunting task of getting all your stuff organized and moved to the place as you wanted it. From choosing the right professional movers in Brooklyn to following some simple tips, there are a lot of ways to move to your new place in a much greener way. Here is a rundown of some of the best green ideas to consider for a better moving experience.

1. Declutter or Donate

One of the best things to do for a smooth move is to lighten the load. It also means that you have to hire a smaller truck and release less waste. On the other hand, keeping the right stuff with you instead of carrying all the junk helps in organizing the things easily in the new home. Rather than adding your old speakers and unwanted clothes to the landfills, you can donate them to any deserving charities. Old books are one of the things that add a lot of weight to your move and they are also too tempting to throw away that easily. You can give them to any library or school.

2. Get Creative

Most people prefer special packing materials to secure their chinaware, picture frames or glassware but they can be as well packed in your old towels and bed sheets or any other clothing around the house. It is beneficial in more than one way as you have to pack this linen anyway. Besides, packing supplies such as foam wraps and foam peanuts end up becoming extra trash.

green Moving Tips to Consider

3. Pick the Right Movers

Hire a moving company that has an upcycle program to discard any thing that you do not want to use. There are some professional movers providing separate packages for items like clothes, books or any such small house hold goods and upcycle.

4. Plan Food Purchases

Most of the professional movers do not move perishable items like food etc. So plan your food purchasing carefully ahead of the move to avoid any perishables. No matter how much we plan, there are always some extra food items in the freezer like canned food and other food products. You can give them to your neighbors or donate to the local food shelters.

5. Be More Fuel Efficient

If you are moving to a distant place and want your car to be transported, you can consider transporting it by train as it is much cheaper and more environment-friendly that shipping by a truck. Again, some of the moving companies these days have trucks that run on biodiesel. You can reduce the carbon footprint while on the move by hiring these movers.

We may not notice many times but moving affects the environment a lot and you can reduce the impact to a great extent by picking the right environmental-friendly packing materials and the way you move. Make your next move more eco friendly by staying green and help save the environment.