Why it is Necessary to Use Anti Pollution Mask?

Pollution can effortlessly weaken core functioning of the integumentary structure. Several toxins and pollutants exist in the air can easily enter into the various skin layers. Both the pollutants and oxidants can lead to the oxidation process which in turn cause the generation of dangerous free radicals. They are the single electrons that travel in our body and harm the cells. Since the cells are the building blocks of our body, when their function is disturbed, automatically our skin appears old, wrinkly and weak.

So, it is essential to protect our skin as well as our health from these harmful toxins and pollutants. Anti pollution mask is an effective way to protect from those. You will find several types of anti pollution masks from which you can choose the one based on your needs.

Here are few popular anti pollution masks from Respro brand:

Respro metro anti pollution mask:

Air pollution can cause various accelerated deaths and extra respiratory hospital admissions. Usage of masks is the only way to block the lung irritants and various other pollutants, most of them are carcinogens. So, usage of the mask can help prevent lung irritation and also occurrence of various cancers.

Most of the air pollutants when combined together can cause irritation of your respiratory system. A mask will help you protect against the carcinogenic agents like benzene and pyrene that exist in the petrol fumes. Respro is a famous brand for the production of City mask, the first cyclist pollution mask. These masks come with exhalation valves and replaceable filters to keep the inside of the mask well ventilated.

Respro metro anti pollution mask

Respro techno anti pollution mask:

These are the most versatile masks among the available ones. They offer very good filtration against several types of pollutants that a cyclist usually encounters. This mask uses dynamic activated charcoal cloth filter for filtering the pollutants. Also the mask can filter micro pollutants such as respirable dusts and pollen. The mask has 2 techno valves for easy exhalation. It can filter dust, chemicals, pollen, bacteria, viruses, smoke and other fine particles.

Respro city mask:

It provides a high standard of safety from the inhalation of major pollutants linked with automobile exhaust emissions. The product has a curved design to make sure the mask seals easily made from hypoallergenic neoprene. The mask comes with two exhalation valves to properly expel the unwanted heat as well as carbon dioxide.