6 Popular Green Phones That Should Be Considered

Nowadays, green is the entire trend and particularly when looking at mobile phones, green is permeating the mobile world a lot more every day. To guide you know what is available in the market and what is decreasing the actual pike, here we present you some green phones.

1. Samsung Blue Earth S7550 Solar Phone

Samsung Blue Earth S7550 Solar Phone

It is more than just a green phone. This mobile phone is designed from the plastic taken from recycled water bottles. This mobile was released in 2009 and is free from phthalates and beryllium. This is a pebble shaped mobile phone that features a pedometer and also it has one-touch eco mode. It comes with integrated solar panel and an hour of sun exposure gives 10 min talk time. The green features of this mobile includes: energy efficient charger and one touch energy saving display mode.

2. MOTO W233 Renew Green Phones

MOTO W233 Renew Green Phones

This is the world’s first mobile phone made of plastic from recycled water bottles. This is the first carbon neutral mobile. Its cost is very low and the battery is extremely long-lasting. The mobile offers noise reduction with speaker boost. The batter gives 9 hours continuous talk time.

3. Samsung Reclaim Green Phone

Samsung Reclaim Green Phone

This is one of the green phones made of 80% of the recyclable plastic material and organic components. This mobile phone has all the components that every modern phone contains, such as full, slide-out qwerty keyboard, digital camera, web browsing, Bluetooth, wireless backup, etc. It is a slim cell phone that weighs up to 3.5 ounces.

4. Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart

Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart

This mobile phone gives 15% lower carbon dioxide emissions when compared to other Sony cell phones. This has achieved through several eco-friendly aspects, such as 50% recycled plastic, reduced energy display, and electronic rather than paper user manual. The mobile is painted with water-based paints. The features of this green phone includes: light weight, camera, onboard memory, Bluetooth, media player, internet, etc.

5. LG Solar-powered Phone

LG Solar-powered Phone

This green mobile doesn’t need to be plugged to charge. The solar panel at the back of the mobile acts as charger and just 10 minutes exposure to sun gives you 3 minutes talk time. The phone can be stayed in standby mode with the continuous exposure.

6. ZTE Coral 200 Solar

ZTE Coral 200 Solar

This is one of the green phones, especially made for “off the grid” regions where plugging facility to recharge the phone is not required. It has a built in solar panel to charge the battery. This is mainly intended for fundamental service requirements.