The Tea Spot Introduces Two New Loose Leaf Tea Blends

Boulder, Colorado-based producer of handcrafted loose leaf teas The Tea Spot has launched two new herbal hibiscus teas that are handcrafted. The new additions – Sweet Melody and Organic Sweet Lullaby – contain organic valerian root and are naturally free of any caffeine.

The Tea Spot

Both the new blends of teas are made of Hibiscus flowers tea base together with some herbs and other botanical plants.

Sweet Melody is a mixture of organic Hibiscus flowers, licorice root, organic ginger root and rose petals while Organic Sweet Lullaby loose leaf tea is a blend of organic hibiscus flowers, organic licorice root, organic ginger root and organic valerian root.

Both the new blends are also free of added flavors as they are made exclusively with a mixture of natural herbs, flowers and roots.

The addition of valerian root to the Organic Sweet Lullaby makes it popular as it helps in calming and aids in sleep.

Apart from offering a vast range of organic and healthy teas to its customers, The Tea Spot also sells products that ease the process of making loose teas through its Steepware® line.